16 Middle Grade and YA Nonfiction for Burgeoning Feminists

16 Middle Grade and YA Nonfiction for Burgeoning Feminists

Feminism receives barely a mention in most curricula. These titles for upper elementary to high school students delve deeper into the knowledge gaps and feature a diverse, international representation of women from the past and present who have made a mark on history.
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10 Recommended Feminist Books for Young Readers

Illustrated titles about strong women and self-empowerment for girls from the 2024 Rise Booklist. 

Unite Against Book Bans Launches Book Résumé Resource

SLJ Staff, Feb 20, 2024
In partnership with coalition members, including School Library Journal and dozens of publishers, Unite Against Book Bans today launched a free book résumé resource to help counter censorship attempts.

Strike a Pose: Yoga for Young People, from Babies to Teens

Lisa Bubert, Feb 22, 2024
Downward dog, mindful breathing, and other practices enrich public library programming.

Using Well-Placed “Humour” As a Trojan Horse for Information: An Interview with Philip Bunting About Ants!

Betsy Bird, Feb 27, 2024
With a brand new book out in the States on March 19th, we talk with Philip Bunting about ants, nonfiction, comedy, and a whole lot more.
Marlaina Cockcroft, Jan 04, 2024
Children are eager listeners—of audiobooks, according to a new Library Journal / School Library Journal survey. Libraries are keeping up with the demand as formats evolve.

Kathy Ishizuka, Oct 01, 2023
The incidence of books removed from school library shelves due to a book challenge has risen to 30 percent, up from 19 percent in 2022. The rise in book removals occurred across school levels: elementary, middle, and high schools.

Kathy Ishizuka, Oct 15, 2023
The editors are planning for 2024, SLJ's 70th anniversary year.

Kathy Ishizuka, Sep 30, 2023
School librarians in 2023 are more likely to decline purchasing certain titles based on the content of those books, according to SLJ's survey. The number of high school librarians naming sexual content has increased significantly, from 60% in 2022 to 75% in 2023.

Kathy Ishizuka, Sep 30, 2023
Twenty-four percent of school librarians have been harassed this past year over books or displays in their library. That’s according to a recent SLJ survey, which found the rate even higher among high school librarians, 30 percent of whom have experienced harassment.

Kara Yorio, Oct 05, 2023
With the release of two educator surveys, the organization provides facts and figures on the detrimental impact of book bans on reading and literacy. 

SLJ staff, Jan 19, 2022
Those dreaded summer reading lists. For eons, teachers have been handing out assigned reading, mostly comprised of old “classics.” With this survey, SLJ and NCTE invite teachers and librarians to choose the titles you’d like culled from required reading and those books you would urge students to read instead.

Shelley Diaz, May 10, 2022
SLJ and NCTE collaborated to create 18 booklists of titles to replace, or use as a companion to, canon "classics." 

Marlaina Cockcroft, Feb 21, 2023
More librarians find their work challenging, but most still love what they do, the latest LJ/SLJ Survey shows.

Kara Yorio, Sep 08, 2022
In the past year, school librarians have faced coordinated, hate-filled censorship campaigns that impact available books and collection development decisions. Here, they share their stories.

From a glittering party in Harlem to a dazzling parade in Tokyo, from a baba's small patch of soil to a cadre of children learning to love who they are or stand up for others, the very best of 2023's picture books invite readers into pages to meet the world head on.

This year's best in middle grade includes fierce folklore-inspired adventures, powerful explorations of identity, and tender ruminations on loss and grief. Tweens of all reading levels and interests will find a novel that speaks to them in this curated collection.

SLJ Staff, Dec 15, 2023
The winner of the award, which honors the best YA nonfiction title, will be announced during the Youth Media Awards ceremony on January 22.

SLJ Reviews, Oct 04, 2023
ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) puts out an annual list of Top 10 Most Challenged Books for the year. Here are SLJ 's reviews of titles on the 2022 list.  

The beginning of life, the stars in the sky, the fungi around us, and some of the hottest topics in biology and science are on display in the best books of 2023 in the elementary nonfiction list. The facts are in: these writers and illustrators help kids connect with the real world in one thrilling book after another. 

SLJ staff, Dec 18, 2023
Who doesn't love a booklist? SLJ's got 'em. From Best Books and Refreshing the Canon—our joint effort with NCTE—to Spanish-language picture books and titles on non-apparent disabilities, our most popular booklists of 2023.

NCTE & SLJ Reviews, May 09, 2023
SLJ and NCTE have revealed the 2023 round of “Refreshing the Canon” selections. These 6 multimedia recommendations will enhance readers’ understanding of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet while offering them new stories of survival, both real and speculative.

There’s something for every middle grader in this roundup curated by the We Are Kid Lit Collective. Up-and-coming chefs, family and friendship drama, and propulsive informational texts will keep tweens engaged beyond the summer months. 

From traditional Indigenous stories to the truth behind the Mexican jumping bean, these picture books, selected by the We Are Kid Lit Collective, offer entertaining and memorable reading experiences for kids over the summer break.

Sujei Lugo Vázquez, Aug 31, 2023
From board books to middle grade graphic novels, these illustrated narratives celebrate Latinx children and their communities.

NCTE & SLJ Reviews, May 04, 2023
'Romeo and Juliet' is ubiquitous in English lit classes and in modern society. As you consider ways to bring Shakespeare's verse to life for students, here are multimedia works that can serve as both supplements and mirrors to the original text.

Brigid Alverson, Sep 19, 2023
In these works, silly creatures impart wise messages.

SLJ Staff, Mar 27, 2023
Star Child by Ibi Zoboi and Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas are among the winners of the annual awards that honor outstanding children's and YA books by African American authors.

SLJ Staff, Jun 21, 2023
The titles by Jack Wong, Angeline Boulley, and Jarrett J. Krosoczka earned the annual award in the picture book, fiction and poetry, and nonfiction categories, respectively.

SLJ Reviews, Sep 14, 2023
Read one book a day for Latinx Heritage Month, from September 15 to October 15, and every month after that. From migration and history to food and family, these works capture the many complexities and joys of the Latinx culture.

Sarah Pousty, Sep 06, 2023
Tips for engaging young kids with these works, which can build visual literacy and foster social-emotional skills, plus a video demonstration. 

SLJ Reviews, Aug 24, 2023
Reading about animals who have the same fears and other feelings about going back to school can help young readers face their own.

Marlaina Cockcroft, Oct 03, 2023
If graphic novels are flying off the shelves at your library, that reflects a remarkable trend: The format’s popularity has shot up at over 90 percent of school libraries in the last few years, according to a new SLJ survey.

Brigid Alverson, Jan 31, 2024
Eight books for elementary through high school readers center issues of democracy with engaging examples and stories.

Brigid Alverson, Feb 09, 2024
Four ways that comics can be used in the classroom to improve students' reading skills.
Lori Henderson, Feb 20, 2024
Check out this week's list of new comics, manga, and graphic novels for readers 12 and under, featuring Sunny Makes Her Case from Graphix and Zor #1 from Keenspot Entertainment.

From stunning memoirs to sustainability guides, this year’s Best Graphic Novels list features 25 unforgettable works that take comics to new heights.

Betsy Bird, Dec 22, 2023
These days, kids say "comics" and "graphic novels" interchangeably and maybe it's time for adult to do the same. Today, we look at those comics and gns that stood out this year.
Amanda MacGregor, Feb 16, 2024
There are SO MANY graphic novels these days, which is great!
Sammy Savos, Jan 26, 2024
In this guest post, artist Sammy Savos details her creative process and discusses her collaboration with Holocaust survivor Estelle Nadel to create the graphic memoir The Girl Who Sang. "I’m very grateful that she was able to see the finished book, hold it in her hands, and tell me how happy she was with it."

Witches, orphans, gods, and some ordinary folks populate these compelling stories for grades 5 and up.

Brigid Alverson, Oct 04, 2023
In these seven manga works for grades five and up, affable characters cast gentle spells.

Johanna, Dec 21, 2023
Here's a look at some recently signed graphic novel deals—and what we can expect coming up!
Renee Scott, Dec 20, 2023
An OBGYN and an idol pop star find their lives intertwined in a bizarre way in this hit series.
Jess DeCourcy Hinds, Sep 12, 2023
These picture books and graphic novels for elementary students through high schoolers show the power of illustration to convey complex emotions.

Kathy Ishizuka, Oct 15, 2023
The editors are planning for 2024, SLJ's 70th anniversary year.

Kathy Ishizuka, Feb 12, 2024
“Reasons to Love ­Libraries” is a yearlong editorial project and campaign to engage the public in reflecting on libraries to ­reveal their impact on people and communities.

John Chrastka, Feb 07, 2024
If you’re involved in public schools, you’ve probably heard by now that the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds will end in September 2024. The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds were created to assist schools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While a statutory end to pandemic relief funding has […]
Emma Otheguy, Nov 15, 2023

Emma Otheguy's "I Can Read!" book Reina Ramos Works It Out was among the 64 titles in Scholastic's controversial "Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice" collection. 


Kathy Ishizuka, Jan 07, 2024
They care deeply and can't be fired. Retired librarians are bringing experience and passion to the cause of intellectual freedom. With advocacy skills training and opportunities to mentor, retirees could become even more powerful assets.

Jean Darnell, Oct 18, 2023
School librarian Jean Darnell prompted ChatGPT to write a paper on Black history, and the result had glaring omissions. That's just one part of the problem, she says.

Censorship is delaying the delivery of books to school library shelves. Cue the civics lesson.

M. Leona Godin, Oct 02, 2023
Librarians should be attuned to alternative reading options so that blind and low-vision students have the same access to books as their sighted peers.

Kathy Ishizuka, Oct 15, 2023
The editors are planning for 2024, SLJ's 70th anniversary year.

John Chrastka, Dec 20, 2023
EveryLibrary Institute and Book Riot fielded the “Parents’ Perception of School Libraries and Librarians” survey in December 2023 to get a new understanding of how parents and guardians think and feel about our role in education. We asked 616 parents and guardians and aimed to understand their perceptions on various topics related to school libraries: […]
Kathy Ishizuka, Sep 18, 2023
If our goal is to prep students for high-stakes tests, they won't stand a chance against AI. Changing the outcomes of education becomes the imperative, says Christopher Dede. 


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